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What does QuoteSearcher do for you?

At QuoteSearcher, we have a lot of experience in dealing with driving school insurance, and indeed the brokers that offer such policies. We know that maintaining a fleet is integral to the effective running of your business, which is why we aim to take as much of the legwork from you as possible.

We ask for a few bits of information which we then take directly to our wide-ranging panel of brokers. They will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to provide you with a competitive quote.

Want to Save on Driving School or Instructors’ Insurance?

Driving instructor insurance is a legal requirement for all ADI and PDI qualified instructors and driving schools. Here at QuoteSearcher, we take the effort out of finding affordable Driving school insurance right and put you in contact with our carefully selected panel of insurance brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving School Insurance

    • Is driving school insurance for driving school vehicles?
      One of the most important aspects of a driving school is its vehicles, and having a proper, functioning, and well-insured fleet of vehicles can only benefit your instructors and students. We here at QuoteSearcher know this, and so do our brokers. Please contact us for a competitive quote for driving school vehicle insurance, so that your students can learn with confidence.
    • What does driving school insurance cover?
      Driving school insurance covers much more than normal car insurance or business insurance. Driving school insurance covers such things as any driver, replacement dual control cars (should they be needed), coverage for instructors, coverage for modified vehicles, coverage for driving off road for drivers aged fourteen and up, and negligent tuition coverage. To find the plan that's right for your school, please fill out our form and an experience driving school insurance broker will contact you with more information and competitive policies.
    • Do I need separate insurance for my driving school business?
      While it is always a good idea to be as well covered as possible, driving school insurance is meant to cover all aspects of a driving school. From fleet coverage, to insurance for driving instructors and driving schools, let us know what your requirements are, and we'll help you find the best policy for your driving school business.
    • Can I get driving school instructor insurance?
      Driving instructor insurance is a legal requirement of all ADI and PDI qualified driving instructors and driving schools. We want your instructors to be well covered in case of any potential accident or claim, so let us take some of the pressure off of you when looking for the best insurance policies. Just fill out our form, and a specialist broker will come back to you with the most competitively priced premiums and insurance policies.
    • Does going to driving school lower insurance?
      Whether or not going to driving school will lower your insurance rate is really dependent on which broker you have. For more information on your insurance policy, premiums, and what can lower your insurance rate as a driver, please contact your insurance provider directly.
    • How much is driving instructor insurance on average?
      The average cost of driving instructor insurance can vary greatly depending on several factors such as geographical location, the coverage limits selected, the insurance provider, the type and number of vehicles used, and the instructor's driving history. Generally, specialised driving instructor insurance may have higher premiums than standard car insurance due to the increased risks involved.
    • What insurance does a driving instructor need?
      Driving instructors need specialised insurance policies in order to teach a learner driver. Here are the most commonly required types of insurance:

      • Dual Control Insurance: Covers vehicles equipped with dual control systems, allowing the instructor to take over in emergencies.
      • Liability Insurance: Protects instructors if a learner driver causes property damage or injury to a third party during a lesson.
      • Breakdown Cover: Ensures instructors won't be left stranded and can quickly resume lessons in case of a breakdown.
      • Replacement Dual Control Vehicle Cover: Provides a replacement dual-control car in case of an accident, preventing income loss while the instructor's car is being repaired.
      • Personal Accident Insurance: Provides financial assistance during recovery periods for injuries that may occur while on the job.
      • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Protects the instructor against claims of negligence, such as providing incorrect instruction leading to accidents or test failures.
    • Are driving instructors insured to drive any car?
      Typically, driving instructor policies cover vehicles owned or leased by the instructor for instruction purposes. However, if an instructor trains in a student's vehicle, additional coverage may be needed. Instructors should review their policy or consult their insurance provider to understand coverage limitations.
    • Is there a difference between personal car insurance and driving instructor insurance?
      Driving instructor insurance is distinct from personal auto insurance because it caters to the higher risks that instructors encounter. It includes coverage for accidents that may occur during driving lessons, liability as a teacher, vehicle damage during instruction, and additional services like vehicle replacement and coverage for lost personal belongings. Personal auto insurance typically does not cover commercial use, such as driving lessons.
    • Is PDI insurance expensive?
      Driving instructors can protect their vehicles and finances with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance. This coverage bridges the gap between the vehicle's value and the remaining balance on the finance or lease agreement in the event of total loss or theft. It's a valuable safeguard for instructors whose cars are vital to their business. Assessing the vehicle's value and financing terms will help determine the need for GAP insurance.
    • Do driving instructors pay higher insurance?
      Driving instructors often face higher insurance premiums due to the increased risk associated with educating novice drivers. Insurance companies take into account the higher likelihood of accidents when calculating these premiums. This specialised insurance coverage goes beyond what is provided by standard personal car policies, highlighting the additional responsibility and potential hazards of the profession.
    • What is instructor indemnity insurance?
      Instructor indemnity insurance, also known as professional indemnity insurance, protects driving instructors against legal action taken for losses incurred by students or third parties due to the instructor's professional negligence or advice that leads to an incident. This can include incorrect driving instruction that results in a traffic violation or accident.
    • What is the difference between ADI and PDI?
      An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) is a fully qualified instructor who has completed all the qualifying exams and is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). In contrast, a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) is someone training to become an ADI, who is granted a trainee licence to give instruction.
    • Do I need public liability insurance as a driving instructor?
      Public liability insurance is recommended for driving instructors as it provides coverage in the event that a member of the public is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your business activities. While not legally required, it's a prudent measure to protect against potentially costly claims.
    • What is a DSA approved driving instructor (ADI)?
      A DSA approved driving instructor is an instructor who was officially recognised by the Driver Standards Agency (DSA), which has now merged with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to form the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). An ADI is certified to a standard approved by the DVSA and is legally allowed to charge for driving instruction services.
    • What is ADI grade 4?
      An ADI grade 4 indicates a competent level of instructional ability according to a DVSA standards check. The grading system assesses an instructor's competence in planning a lesson, risk management, and teaching and learning strategies. Grade 4 represents a satisfactory standard, but there is room for further development.
    • Why is it advisable for driving instructors to have additional business insurance, for example, public liability insurance?
      Additional business insurance, like public liability insurance, is advisable for driving instructors to mitigate the risks of claims related to injuries or damages incurred during the operation of their business. This insurance covers the costs associated with defending such claims, as well as potential compensation awarded to the claimant.
    • What insurance do you need to teach a learner driver?
      To legally teach a learner driver, an instructor needs a specialised insurance policy that typically includes dual control insurance, liability insurance, indemnity insurance, and potentially personal accident and breakdown cover. These policies ensure that both the instructor and learner are adequately protected.
    • Is a driving instructor a business?
      Yes, many driving instructors operate as independent businesses, providing professional instruction services. They manage their own clients, finances, and marketing, among other responsibilities, making them self-employed entrepreneurs in the education sector.
    • What is the DIA for driving?
      DIA stands for Driving Instructors Association, which is a professional body for driver and rider trainers in the UK. The association offers support, advice, and services to its members, and is a leading voice in the industry for advocacy and advancement of driving instruction.

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