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Why QuoteSearcher for Modified Car Insurance?

​Car enthusiasts often choose to improve the performance or appearance of their vehicles with modifications. Whether it’s adding a larger engine or changing the alloys, any change from your vehicle’s factory standard is seen as a modification and will therefore affect the price of your premium.

In order to carry on enjoying your vehicle with the highest levels of protection, taking out a dedicated modified vehicle insurance policy is the best approach. Your passion for your car should not leave you out of pocket, and standard car insurance brokers sometimes lack the policy features necessary to be fully protected from any situation that may arise during the ownership of your modified vehicle.

Modified Car Insurance Policy Features

Agreed Value Cover

Pays out a pre-agreed amount, more than the ‘market value’, for your modified vehicle. Find out more about Agreed Value Cover.

Laid Up Cover

Protection for your vehicle when it is off the road of having further modifications made to it. Learn more about Laid Up Cover.

Breakdown Cover

Costs covered for on-site roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Find out more about Breakdown Cover.

Limited Mileage

This will offer you a reduced premium cost if your modified vehicle is driven infrequently. Read more about Limited Mileage Cover.

Windscreen and Glass

Covers the cost of replacement windscreens and windows in the event of a chip or break. Find out more about Glass and Windscreen Cover.

Track Day/Rally Cover

Protection for occasions when your car is driven on a licensed track or during a rally.

Types of Modifications

There are many modifications you could choose to make to your car, each one bringing something new to the vehicle in terms of power or aesthetics. Any changes from the manufacturer standard are considered to be modifications, including the following changes:

  • Turbo/supercharging
  • Transmission or gears
  • Exhaust
  • Wheel arches
  • Lights 
  • Windows
  • Spoilers/skirts
  • Roll cages/bars
  • Suspension
  • Dashboard
  • Specialised paintwork/stripes

There are many other modifications that can be made, but this is a small selection of changes that end up costing you more in terms of your premium. You need to tell your insurance broker if there have been any modifications made to your car otherwise your policy may be invalidated.

How Much Does It Cost?

Essentially, modified cars present more of a risk due to the unpredictable nature of the upgrades. Cars that come straight from the factory have been tested to a certain standard that may no longer be relevant if there have been changes made to the performance and power of the car. Furthermore, modified cars can be an attractive prospect for thieves, leaving them at greater risk of being stolen. This will have a marked effect on the price of your premium.

There are some modifications you can make that will actually help to decrease the cost of your insurance, but these are things like parking sensors or extra security measures.

The price of your insurance depends entirely on the make and model of vehicle you have as well as the modifications that have been made. Although you are likely to pay more than you would for a standard vehicle, there are brokers that specialise in this type of cover who will help you create a bespoke policy at a competitive price. Fill out our contact  form to be put in contact with our panel of modified car insurance brokers and start comparing quotes today.

Factors Affecting Premium Price

Specialist modified car insurance policies will be more affordable and offer better coverage than any policy you can get from a standard motor insurer, but there are a number of aspects that will affect the price you pay. These include:

  • Age of the driver
    A large number of modifications are made by younger drivers, who also fall into the bracket for the most accidents. This therefore pushes up the premium – you can get modified car insurance for young drivers, which you should discuss with your broker
  • Named driver
    If you are looking for modified car insurance for under 21, you may find a cheaper policy if you include an experienced named driver, such as a parent, to your policy
  • Driving Behaviour
    Telematics is an up and coming way of recording how your car is driven with a black box; the safer you drive, the lower your premium is likely to be. Talk to your insurer about how you start using a black box
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    Modified cars that are kept off the road on a driveway or in a garage will be cheaper to insure. Any increased security, such as alarm systems and immobiliser, will likely encourage a lower premium
  • Driver Experience
    Some modified car insurance brokers offer a reduced price if drivers have passed further driver training courses such as PassPlus. The overall safety and experience of a driver will help to bring down costs
  • Vehicle Make and Model
    Don’t forget that as with all motor insurance, the make of car you drive can have a noticeable influence on the price you pay for your policy. Vehicles are allocated into one of 50 rating groups, with 1 being the least expensive and 50 being the most, learn which car yours fits into

Frequently Asked Questions About Modified Car Insurance

    • What is modified car insurance?
      If you’re a car collector, or just really love your car, you may make some modifications to your pride and joy. However, any changes you make to the vehicle's factory standard can change your insurance premium. In this case, it is advisable to have modified car insurance, so that you are fully protected against any situation that may occur to your modified vehicle.
    • How does modified car insurance work?
      Modified car insurance works quite similarly to normal car insurance, with a few important differences. Please note that any modifications made to your car must be disclosed to your insurance company, so that they can adjust your premium as necessary. If this is not done, it can nullify any claims you make. However, modified car insurance can cover more than normal car insurance, such as agreed value coverage, track day/rally coverage, and limited mileage coverage. Please contact us for more information.
    • Can I get modified car insurance for young drivers?
      Many modifications are made by young drivers, which can push up premiums. In addition, young drivers, generally between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, are more likely to get into accidents than more experienced drivers. This can also raise premium costs. While you can get modified car insurance for young drivers, it is best to discuss your options with your broker.
    • How much does modified car insurance cost?
      The cost of modified car insurance, like any car insurance, depends on a few factors when determining cost. The age of the driver, driving behaviour, maintenance (such as whether the car is your primary or secondary vehicle), driver experience, and the make and model of the vehicle all can raise or lower your premiums. For more information on how to lower the cost of your modified car insurance, please speak to your broker.
    • Does normal car insurance cover modified cars?
      Normal car insurance can cover modified cars, however it is important that you share any modifications away from the vehicle's factory standard with your insurance provider. There are some definite advantages to purchasing modified car insurance, as it covers many more eventualities and can be more affordable.

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