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Why QuoteSearcher for Young Driver Insurance?

The term ‘young driver’ covers those between the age of 17-25, as it is between these ages that most people learn to drive. Due to their lack of driving experience, people within this age group are seen as more likely than experienced drivers to be involved in some sort of accident, which is why car insurance companies usually charge more in order to provide a higher risk cover.

Car insurance for under 25s can be a struggle to find, but its is absolutely integral for young drivers to be covered. Even if they have passed their test with flying colours, under 25s should have the usual levels of driver cover, as well as a few extras that may come in handy.

QuoteSearcher works with a wide range of brokers who specialise in detailed policies for car insurance under 25. If you are struggling to find the right policy at a competitive price, fill out our form and we will organise a call from our trusted panel.

Policy Features for Young Drivers

The term ‘young driver’ covers those between the age of seventeen (17) and twenty five (25), as it is between these ages that most people learn to drive.  Due to their lack of driving experience, people within this age group are seen as more likely to be involved in some sort of accident over more experienced drivers, which is why car insurance companies usually charge more in order to provide a higher risk cover.

Breakdown Cover

Covers the cost of roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Find out more about Breakdown Insurance.

Excess Protection

Refunds the excess you have to pay in a claim where there is no responsible third party. Learn more about Excess Protection.

Lost Key Cover

Pays out for the cost of a replacement key if yours is lost or stolen. Read more about Lost Key Cover.

Car Hire

If your car becomes unusable, this will cover the cost of a replacement vehicle. Find out more about Car Hire Insurance.

Options for Under 25 Car Insurance

When you first get your license, it can be unnerving taking your car out on the road the first few times. The cost of lessons and your driving test may seem expensive, but often you will find your insurance premiums the most exorbitant of all costs.

However, there are reasons behind insurer’s logic, and that is simply that, statistically, younger drivers get into more accidents and therefore need to pay more in order to remain protected by their policy. The things that will influence this price include:

  • The make and model of car you wish to insure
    The engine size, age and value of your car will greatly influence the price of insurance for under 25 drivers. Smaller engines with less power will be less expensive to cover – learn what category your car falls into to get a good idea of what may be the best car for a first-time driver
  • The type of cover you are searching for
    Motor insurance comes in three types: third party only (TPO), third party, fire & theft (TPFT), and fully comprehensive. TPO is the minimum legal requirement for motor insurance, but it may be better to opt for a fully comprehensive policy for your under 25 insurance.
  • The type of security your car has
    As with all motor insurance, not just under 25 car insurance, keeping your vehicle safe and secure will bring down your costs. If your car sits on a driveway or inside a garage, is fitted with an alarm system, or has an immobiliser, it will be harder to steal and therefore cheaper to insure
  • How safely you drive your vehicle
    Some insurers offer a telematic or black box policy, whereby a record of how safe you drive is provided to your insurer – the safer you drive, the cheaper your policy. This can be a good way for young drivers to reduce their premium, but also to keep the good habits they learned during their training. You could also take a further driving course, such as PassPlus, which would certify your safe driving and reduce the price of car insurance for under 25 years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Young Drivers Insurance

    • Which young driver insurance is right for me?
      Finding car insurance for people under the age of 25 can be difficult to find, purely because they are not as experienced as older drivers, and car insurance companies might be hesitant to take the risk. At QuoteSearcher, we'll help you find the young driver insurance that's right for you at competitive prices. Just fill out our form and we'll help you from there.
    • Why is young drivers insurance so high?
      Young driver's insurance is usually more expensive than other car insurance. This is because drivers under 25 years old do not have the experience that older drivers have, and young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. In order to mitigate this risk, insurance companies charge higher premiums, which makes young driver's insurance more expensive than normal car insurance.
    • How can I reduce young driver insurance premiums?
      While young driver insurance premiums are most likely to be high, there are a few ways you can reduce costs. First, the car you drive will have an effect on premiums. The smaller the engine and the less power, the lower the costs. Second, the more security your car has, such as alarm systems, if you keep it in a garage instead of in a driveway or on the street, etc., can also decrease your premiums. And finally, insurers will also take into account how safely you drive. The safer you drive, the cheaper your policy.
    • What car should I have to get cheaper young driver insurance?
      The make and model of your car can have a pronounced effect on how much your insurance costs. The larger your car is, and the more powerful the engine, the more your car insurance will cost. If you're interested in cheaper young driver insurance, we suggest looking for a smaller, less powerful car for young drivers.
    • What is young driver insurance?
      Young drivers are considered to be between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, as it is between these ages that many people learn to drive. It can be very difficult for young drivers to find insurance, as they are more likely to get in an accident than more experienced drivers, and therefore, insurers are less willing to insure them -- or will insure them at greater costs. Young driver insurance can cover everything from replacement keys to breakdown coverage to car hires, so fill out our form and we'll help you find the best, most competitive coverage we can.

I was very impressed with the speed in which QuoteSearcher’s partners got back to me. After completing the online form I was delighted with the quotes I received and was happy to sort out my insurance quickly.

Matt Dyer - Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

I bought my insurance online before and the quote process was so lengthy and complicated compared with the process on your site. Great stuff!

Mike Dennis - Woking, Surrey