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Why Use QuoteSearcher

Finding specialist insurance providers for your caravan can often be a difficult journey through endless paperwork, with rival companies promising the world. At QuoteSearcher, we remove this difficulty by connecting you directly with specialist brokers who compete to give you the most competitive price for your static caravan insurance.

When your static caravan needs to be carefully insured, and you need a broker you can trust, QuoteSearcher brings all possibilities together in one place. This allows the entire process to be simplified, giving you more time to do what is important to you.

Static Caravan Insurance Policy Features

Unoccupied insurance

Protection even when you are not using it.

Accidental damage

Covers damage from dents and scratches to storm damage.

Malicious damage

Covers damage from vandalism, theft and intrusion.

Water and frost damage

Cover against damage from leakages, mildew or frozen pipes.

Liability cover

Protection against legal claims and costs. Read about Liability cover for Caravan Insurance.

Flood cover

Peace of mind when stored in flood risk areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Static Caravan Insurance

    • What is static caravan Insurance?
      This is a specific insurance policy designed to cover all the needs of a static caravan owner, and offer sufficient protection in case their caravan is damaged. Static caravans face a unique set of threats, which is why there are dedicated static caravan insurance policies, rather than a simple covers all ‘caravan insurance policy’.Like any insurance policy, static caravan insurance will have its limitations, and it is important that you understand exactly what your static caravan insurance policy does and does not contain. For example, whether there are any limitations in place for letting and occupancy.
    • What makes a static caravan different from a normal caravan?
      The term ‘caravan’ covers a wide range of recreational vehicles, yet static caravans are extremely different to touring caravans.  For a start, your static caravan will be in the same place all year round, which means that if you are based elsewhere you will need to know that it is protected.  Furthermore, static caravans usually include more features than touring models, such as porches and fully fitted kitchens which require a higher level of protection.
    • Why do I need static caravan insurance?
      The risks faced by static caravans are unique. As they often spend months at a time lying exposed in a field, they are at greater risk of weather damage than a traditional holiday home would be. Static caravans can also be targeted by thieves or vandals, who know full well that the owner is most likely many miles away and will not find out until it is too late.Static caravan insurance will make sure your static caravan is safe even when you’re not there to look after it.
    • What information do I need to provide?
      Apart from the usual personal contact details, some general information about your static caravan and insurance history would also be required to ensure we find you the best policy. Make, Model and year of manufacture are standard, but also expect to answer some questions around the security of the site where your static caravan is located and any additional security measures taken.
    • What static caravans can be covered?
      Each static caravan is personal to its owner, and so there are a wide range of options on the market to choose from.  As QuoteSearcher has worked with a large number of partners over the years we are able to help nearly every customer find a policy for their static caravan that is extensive yet affordable.  When filling out our online form we list the dozens of caravan makes that our specialist brokers can cover so that you can easily choose the type you own. 
    • How can I pay for my static caravan insurance?
      Once you are happy with your caravan insurance quote, you can pay by credit or debit card. You can alternatively set up a direct debit account if you would prefer. Once you have paid for your caravan insurance, you will have immediate cover and so you will not have to worry about waiting for your policy documents.
    • Can other people use my static caravan?
      Yes, most caravan insurance providers will allow friends and family to use your caravan, provided they have your permission to do so of course. If you want to allow friends and family use your caravan, and you know that this is a possibility, then you should check with the insurer that it is possible before you purchase your insurance.
    • Will the contents of my caravan be insured?
      Yes, any accidental loss or damage to the contents and personal items inside the caravan can be included in the caravan insurance policy for an additional premium. You can select the value of your contents inside the caravan whilst applying for a caravan insurance quote on the QuoteSearcher website.

I completed one simple form on QuoteSearcher and received a number of excellent quotes from a number of different insurers. These were all cheaper than any quotes I had received previously and I ended up saving a bundle!

George Taylor - Cardiff

My caravan insurance is now completely sorted thanks to QuoteSearcher. After visiting their site I received some superb quotes and was insured more or less instantly!

Jim Streaker - Cornwall